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Shop For Abayas Online At The Islamic Shop

The Islamic shop is your one-stop for all your Islamic product needs. We house the complete range of Islam products starting from Kids prayer hats to Camel Milk powders to Attars to Musalla Carpets and Chandelier Lights for mosques. Not being a retail store, we operate wholly from the Internet which makes it easier for you to check out all our products easily from your home. Our vision is to create a median enabling small and medium sized vendors to connect with customers directly through our one-stop online Islamic Shop. We strive to deliver new and interesting Muslim themed products in the fastest and most efficient way through our services. Now you can find a wide variety of designer Abayas online curated just for you from our website which we are happy to deliver to your doorsteps.



The Elegance of Abayas:

Abayas holds traditional and religious values to the Muslim women community. Traditional abayas are black and are draped like a long loose rectangular piece from the shoulders or head. Any woman who has adapted to the modesty of Islam knows that Abayas are more than just a cloth that covers their body for them. It is a sign of humility and dignity and also serves as a tool to diminish the divisions among the social classes. It is a symbol of identity. The new-age Abayas are going through a modern twist to add elegance without losing its purpose and values. Abayas are either classically simple or twisted with a pricey detail to merge age-old religious and cultural symbols with contemporary style. They cover the whole body except the head, feet, and hands. Commonly, the abaya is worn on special occasions, such as Mosque visits and Islamic Holiday celebrations. A cloth holding such enormous purpose to our Muslim community can now be bought in different styles to match your personality with the culture in a single platform in all affordable price ranges in our website.

Our Collection:

Our collection is so wide that you can shop your Abayas online under various categories. Our website function is so upscale that it is capable of curating the results for your exact queries! We have a large assortment of collections which are grouped by price, type, fabric and product colour for your easier navigation through the website. Our price range starts from Rs. 2000/- and goes till Rs.4000/- and above. We offer the best designs at the best prices with sales and offers coming up now and then! So be on the lookout! Since our website serves as a gateway for different small and medium enterprises from all over the country, we provide you with huge options on Abayas like you haven’t seen before. Name any occasion or purpose or colour or the type of fabric you want to cover yourself in, we got them all! Our latest attractive stocks include Arabian Abayas and Iranian Kaftans in addition to Modest and Casual Abayas. We serve Abayas for different needs such as college or maternity or travel and different occasions like festivals or parties. Our abayas come in different styles too, laced or flared or butterfly Abayas. There are endless opportunities to choose from. And now there are immense options to choose the fabric that you want to wear too. We house the traditional Cotton Abayas online to the Denim ones. All your needs, one stop at the Islamic Store! Get your best suiting match. Check out our website or download our app to discover all the varieties of Abayas online!

Operation and Delivery:

We operate from our IT office in Periamet, Chennai and we deliver goods worldwide for our customers. We provide free shipping for delivery within Chennai for orders above Rs.500/- and within India for orders above Rs.5000/-. Our delivery services are done by reliable courier services like the India Post, DHL, Professional Couriers and few others. We also do International shipments by reputed international courier services. Our products are delivered within 3 working days in India and within 5 working days across countries in cases of the absence of unforeseen circumstances. During festive times, it is advised to order at least before 48 hours of the required date to receive your products on time! You can track your order by the tracking ID we provide and in cases of any delay you will be notified in advance through your registered mail ID and phone number. There are no hidden charges like tax or octroi charges. 

Cash on delivery (COD) is available for Indian customers on particular products for particular delivery addresses when shopped for more than Rs.500/-. Be sure to check if COD is available on the product description before buying if you are opting for it. But there is no need to worry, our online transactions are very safe and secure as we have tied up with India’s leading e-banking network, CCAvenue. Online transactions can be done by various modes- GPay, Paytm, ICICI bank, PayPal and few others. Credit and debit cards are accepted too.

We offer you with the smoothest, secure and tension free procedures of Payment and Shipping. Just sit back and relax and wait for your dream Abayas online to reach your door within 3 or 5 days! 

We have round the hour customer support that you can find in our website and app to answer all your doubts. We make customer satisfaction our priority and we are all down for good feedback on anything you want us to improve. We are more than just a shopping platform. We believe in giving back to society like how we receive from it. It is also a value embedded in the Islamic community. We encourage our customers also to do that. You can add to your cart from our charity services for small amounts and we will deliver them to homes and orphanages and will send you a picture of the act as a thank you and as an acknowledgement.  

We also help you with Hajj tourism services and tour packages within India and across countries! Check out our website today to know more and download our app from PlayStore or AppStore!

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