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Shop for Burqas Online at the Islamic Shop

Muslim womenfolk beam in pride about their uniqueness and elegance in their clothing practices. Contemporary fashion doesn’t look for which clothing is held dear by which specific group of people. In fact, burqas are a defining statement clothing for all women irrespective of their figure. With various designs and colours presented as options, burqas have not lost their golden touch among womenfolk.


But to cater to the growing demand of clothing to the cohort of all women can be quite daunting. Burqas in particular have been the preferred wear of Muslim women as they are comfortable and promote their freedom of self-identity. It has, thereby, gone beyond the culture as many women like to adorn themselves with clothing that’s functional and reflects a sense of pride.


Among other things, burqas portray some benefits to the wearer which this article will cover about. You can purchase burqas online at islamicshop.in.


Knowing your burqa


Burqas may have found its origin in the Middle East and its subsequent usage spread over to the rest of the world from centuries ago. The idea behind its conception is that followers of Islam practice modesty in their external appearance. But, to the wearer, burqas are more than just that. 



Ideally, what is a burqa


A burqa is a type of garment worn over the body from head to toe with the intent of not exposing any part of the body. The core idea behind women wearing burqa is to maintain their modesty through unflattering clothing and not attract unwanted attention from men. 


Burqas are designed to cover a woman’s body from head to toe with a meshed opening in the area of the eyes to enable vision. 



Over the years, burqas have been used interchangeably for niqab and hijabs. Although they are quite similar, they differ in design in the facial area. 


Availability of burqas with a multitude of designs

Back in the day, there weren’t many brands and fashion labels that recognized the pressing need of Islamic women-friendly clothing. Everything had to be bought as a long piece of cloth and stitched according to a woman’s body shape. 


For years, there lacked a centralized marketplace for buying burqas online or through brick and mortar stores. Having designs incorporated in burqas and hijabs wasn’t a trendy thing until the explosion of the women’s fashion industry. 


This called for new markets to open up exclusively for niche customers like Muslim women. 


This is when Islamic Shop came into existence. Islamic Shop is not like your next door dukan. A centralized e-commerce marketplace exclusively catering to the daily essentials of a Muslim household, Islamic shop can’t be missed at all. Buying burqas online or even any clothing online always comes with a tinge of hesitation that is irreplaceable. Stressing over the quality of the material or feeling anxious about the right size is a common plight especially in established e-commerce stores. Although it takes time to improve, Islamic shop’s platform is not the same as others. 


Their online store houses over thousands of products that an everyday Muslim person would need ranging from perfumes to groceries and many more. Buying your burqas online in their store is ideally the best place. 


The benefits that burqas boast of

Burqas are not just about defending the culture’s identity but also entail some benefits to the wearer. 

They are as follows: 


  1. Burqas protect the women from the harmful rays of the direct sun. Burqas are usually worn in black as any black doesn’t allow sunlight to refract.
  2. Unlike modern wear that are breathable and yet moderately fit on women’s skin, burqas are quite loose, giving comfort to the wearer. 
  3. Burqas, besides doing its part in women’s fashion, also symbolize some sacredness of the wearer. 
  4. The wearer of the burqa sets more focus on inner beauty rather than what the outer appearance represents.
  5. Western clothing is more about flaunting our neck and hands with expensive jewellery. Wearing a burqa or Hijab nullifies all this by stressing simplicity through clothing to the wearer.


Buy your burqas online at the Islamic shop

Islamic shop was established to bridge the gap that separated the small scale vendors and businessmen from the public. Not limited to buying burqas online, Islamic shop serve as a centralized marketplace for buyers and sellers to have a delightful shopping experience. 

The products that are available in Islamic shop’s online platform is unlike any other online marketplace. Bringing to its customers over thousands of Halal products from all over the world, Islamic Shop strives to give quality products to its customers at the right price point. 


To know more about Islamic shop, visit islamicshop.in

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