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The New Designs of Abayas in 2021

The Abaya has been the most traditional and cultural Muslim women’s outfit for centuries. Even though it is speculated that a lot of Muslim women have begun to look beyond the usual Abaya, it is still a beautiful outfit that relates the women to their cultural practices. Abaya is still a popular form of clothing for Muslim women and we must make way for abayas even in the progressive world, as it is something that represents the Muslim tradition. 

Apart from being a traditional outfit, abayas also add a unique sense of beauty to the women wearing them. Abayas are as modest as outfits come. Even though it is a simple outfit, it is alluring and elegant in its own way. Abaya isn’t a religious garment, but a cultural garment. It is something that preserves the Muslim culture and should be carried forward for years. Wearing an abaya doesn’t mean you are outdated, abayas are still fashionable in today’s world with the emerging trends and modifications that go through these outfits.

The New, Emerging Designs of Abayas

Modesty never goes outdated and is always fashionable. The emerging trends of abayas in the 21st century are an example of that. Even though a cultural outfit, abayas are made in a variety of new designs from causal-wears to specially-designed embroidered ones. The abayas have been customized to suit the fashion of the current generation, and it still withholds the traditional and cultural aspect of the outfit. Here are some of the new designs of abaya in 2021 that ensure that abaya is also a fashionable outfit.

The Casual Abaya

The casual abaya is the most popular and common form of abaya that women prefer to wear on a daily basis. These casual-wears lean more towards comfort than fashion and are an instant choice for Muslim women all around the world. They are an easy dressing option and make the women in it look fleek. Women going to college and work prefer these casual abayas as they are both unique and comfortable.

Colored Abayas

Black is the most common and usual color when it comes to abayas. But it doesn’t have to be. In the modern world, abayas come out in numerous different colors, offering you the option to look different every day in the most modest of outfits. The colored abayas went on to become an instant hit among Muslim women and have turned out to be a common choice for them. You can find a lot of colored abayas in different color combinations in the market now.

Embroidered Abayas

Yes, you read it right. Abayas are now embroidered too. And just like any other form of women’s clothing, embroidered abaya bring out the same elegance and charm in a woman. From exquisite needlework and exciting colors, the embroidered abaya has is all, making it a beautiful choice of outfit. The embroidered new designs of the abaya are fast becoming a sought-after clothing choice in 2021.

Embellished Abayas

Save this one for special events like marriages, receptions, and other similar functions. The embellished designer abayas offer a dazzling look for the wearer, adding a great sense of beauty to this traditional piece of clothing. Embellished abayas are a great choice because it offers both the trendy and modesty aspect that women look for. The embellished abayas are becoming a hit among party-goers and brides.

Evening Abayas

The evening abayas have emerged as a successful replacement for evening gowns for Muslim women. This is also an ideal choice for women to wear for parties and weddings. This outfit choice is a trendsetter of its own and is turning out to be a great clothing option for special events and occasions.

Open Abayas

The best thing about an open abaya is the accessories you can add to offer yourself a different look. You can customize your open abaya with different styles of clothing, offering you the option to dress in your own style and still maintain that cultural look. The open abayas are also available in numerous colors and designs, making it a brilliant clothing choice.

Maternity Abayas

If there is one kind of abaya that would never go out of trend, it is the maternity abaya. You do not have to stick to the same and boring clothing choices during pregnancy. The maternity abayas come out in different designs and colors, providing expecting mothers the comfort they require as well as the chance to look beautiful and fashionable during that period. 

The Ideal Place to Find New Designs of Abayas

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