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The Different Types of Abayas in Today’s Modern World

Abayas are the most common form of clothing for women who are a part of the Islamic community. Even in the 21st century, amid the various advancements in the field of fashion, Muslim women prefer to go with the most traditional of attires, the Abaya. Abaya is speculated to exist for more than 4000 years and has been the go-to form of clothing for Islamic women down the years. Be it a day-to-day outfit or one for a special occasion, Abayas are a common clothing option everywhere. 


Abayas are Becoming a More Fashionable Choice

Even though abayas are an outfit of tradition and are closely associated with the Islamic religion, it can still be used as a very fashionable outfit. In the modern world, where fashion is being celebrated everywhere, the idea of coming up with different types of abayas became an instant hit. From coming up with exciting colored abayas to making embroidery designs on abayas, fashion has found a way to crawl into tradition. These different types of abayas mark the point where fashion and tradition meet. Now, women can wear exciting types of outfits and still stay under the traditional norms. Let’s take a look at the different types of abayas available in the market today.


Casual Abayas

The most common and popular form of abaya, casual abaya is something that women tend to wear on a regular basis for their daily activities. Being a casual outfit, women wear these casual abayas to work, college, shops, mosques, etc. This casual piece of clothing leans more towards comfort rather than the fashion side of things. This comfortable piece of clothing makes the women in it look fleek and has been a popular form of clothing for many years now.


Coloured Abayas

As opposed to the typical black-colored abayas that have been doing rounds around the world, these colored abayas come in as a great alternative option for women. Abayas now come in all kinds of colors and give women a choice to go in a different look every day despite sticking to the traditional side of their religion. So, women who work or study do not have to go with the same colored abayas every day. They can now find abayas in a variety of colors in many shops.


Embroidered Abayas

Abayas aren’t meant to be used just as a casual form of outfit. In the modern world, fashionable advances have laid the foundation for abayas to be a clothing choice for special occasions. The embroidered abayas are an example of that. Just like the embroidered sarees, the embroidered abayas also tend to bring out the beauty and elegance of a woman. Available in numerous colors with exciting needlework and designs, the embroidered abayas are a great choice of outfit for women to wear for special occasions.


Open Abayas 

This is a very modern take on the traditional abayas. Unlike the usual abayas, these abayas are open from the front and tied up using buttons or laces. Both buttons and laces are fashionable options among women, and look great on the abaya, offering you a completely different look. You can also customize your open abaya by dressing up differently on the inside. This is an exciting way to look fashionable while still addressing the traditional aspect.


Embellished Abayas

Just like the embroidered abayas, these are also a great option for special occasions. Be it weddings, receptions, or other similar special occasions, embellishment abayas are a brilliant clothing option to uphold the Muslim tradition and look exceedingly stylish in the same outfit. This new model of the grander type of abayas is an instant hit among the party-goers and brides. 


Maternity Abayas

Just because you are pregnant, does not mean that you have to stop looking beautiful. The maternity abaya acts as a great clothing choice for women going through pregnancy. The maternity abaya also considers the comfort aspect as comfort is very important during the pregnancy period. With a lot of colors and designs, the maternity abaya offers women style along with comfort during the times of pregnancy.


Evening Abayas

Replacing the very common nightgowns, the evening abayas are a brilliant clothing outfit at home during the evenings. Nightgowns are a boring clothing choice and women are fed up with wearing their nightgowns every day. So, the introduction of the evening abayas has put an end to the stereotype. Now, evening abayas have turned out to become a hit among the Muslim ladies.


Where You Can Find Different Types of Abayas in Chennai

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