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Halal Cosmetics

Pure Halal Cosmetics From Islamic Shop

Halal means ‘permissible’ in Arabic and is a concept where the products have wholesome ingredients and do not pose any health risks to the consumer. This term is a part of the Islamic law and is generally associated with food. With over 2.4 billion Muslim consumers in the world, the demand for halal cosmetics has gone up drastically.

This is partly because consumers are starting to pay attention to what they are applying to their skin. With an increased demand for organic, cruelty-free, vegan products, it is evident that the world is shifting towards self-care products which also includes- face, lip, eyes, hair, skin and even the complete body care products that are healthy for the you  and the environment. It’s only natural when these ideologies overlap with those of Islamic law where certain religious criteria are observed during the production stage.

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s equally important to care for it, in the same manner, one consumes food. This has led to a rising demand for halal-certified cosmetic products among Muslim women.

Can Halal Even Be Integrated With The Science Of Cosmetics?

For a cosmetic product to be labeled ‘Halal’, the ingredients used in the product must be traceable. It should not contain any ingredients derived from pig or blood, from insects or reptiles, from human body parts, or predatory animals. Any ingredients derived from animals must come from permissible animal slaughter according to Islamic law.

Halal cosmetics should be developed and manufactured while strictly adhering to the halal system whether the product is used as a leave-on, or to change the appearance of the body. But this is a complex process as it includes a variety of ingredients such as water, oils, colorants, vitamins, plant extracts, preservatives, anti-oxidants, and many more. Hence, a manufacturer must carefully evaluate the ingredients and should be able to trace them back to the source before production.

From clean and permissible ingredients to equipment dedicated to the sole purpose of manufacturing halal products, the manufacturer must meet the halal standard and must provide official documents for proof at the time of certification. If the manufacturer produces both halal and non-halal products they must use different plants for the storage and development of halal cosmetics.

While the development and manufacturing of cosmetics are put through a rigorous system of Islamic law, to get them halal-certified for the Muslim community, halal cosmetics go beyond religion. The pure and scientific method of producing these cosmetics renders it effective and safe and sensitive to the needs of people from different walks of life, including the needs of Muslim women.

Shop Online For Halal Cosmetics

Islamic Shop is an online store that specializes in catering to the Muslim community as well as people from various religions across the country. They offer a range of Islamic products that are halal-certified for small to mid-sized vendors as well as for an individual shopper. The idea behind an online Islamic Shop is to give easy access to a Muslim-themed product in the fastest, most efficient way.

Meet your skin care needs with the Islamic Shop that offers halal cosmetics now! Shop today at Islamicshop.in

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