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Halal Meat

Healthy Halal Meat Online From Islamic Shop

Though halal meat brings to mind Islamic dietary restrictions, it goes beyond that. Consuming halal meat is a way of life that benefits everyone unanimously. But first, let’s understand what is halal meat and how it is different from non-halal meat.

What Is Halal Meat?

Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible’ when translated to English. According to Islamic law, there are specific religious criteria that Muslims should observe when they consume meat.

For those who observe this practice, halal meat should be raised and slaughtered differently from regular meat. This is called ‘Zabihah slaughter’, meaning ‘permissible slaughter.’

How Does Halal Meat Differ From Non-Halal Meat?

A slice of meat is considered to be truly halal only when they meet certain standards such as the animal being raised on a vegetarian diet and their feed not containing any animal byproducts. These animals cannot be treated with any antibiotics or growth hormones, since these hormones may contain pork-based ingredients.

The meat cannot be a forbidden cut such as meat from the hindquarters of an animal, or meats such as pork.

Halal meat must be cut by a Muslim and Allah’s name must be evoked during the slaughter. The instrument must be very sharp so that the animal does not suffer. Machines cannot be used to do the killing, it must be done by hand for the same reasons. The animal must not be unconscious which is why they should not be stunned before the slaughter.

The animal should be hung upside down so that the blood can completely drain from the meat. Consuming blood is not considered to be halal. These steps must be strictly adhered to by a Muslim who says a blessing before the cut is made for it to be certified as halal food.

Is Halal Meat Healthier?

Some believe halal meat is healthier because it doesn’t contain any growth hormones or animal byproducts. But there aren’t any studies that show halal meat is healthier than conventional meat.

The meat cannot be a forbidden cut such as meat from the hindquarters of an animal, or meats such as pork.

Islamic Shop is the first-ever e-commerce store to provide complete halal-certified products. From halal meat such as chicken , lamb , seafood, and natural eggs, to ready-to-eat sachets of halal meat recipes, we deliver hygienic and fresh food products to our customers.

Islamicshop.in is a one-stop shop for products that adhere to the standards of Islamic law, from where we provide Muslim-themed products across the country. From small to medium-sized vendors, we provide wholesale products to enable them to connect with their customers and meet their needs successfully.

Our goal is to provide a stress-free shopping experience and deliver the necessary essentials to our customer’s doorstep with efficiency.

For any queries related to halal products, feel free to email us at info@islamicshop.in.

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