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Hijabi Wears Modest Fashion

It’s always a headache to choose the style of clothes to wear especially when you move from school to college/University. We girls think of what to wear all the time. It’s always there in our thoughts each and every second.

But I’ve a small advice for all of you. Get dressed and look good for yourself only to make you feel special and beautiful. We don’t have to impress anyone but Allah or please anyone’s eyes. I believe keeping this clear would solve half the problems what most of the girls would be facing. I’ve also come across all of that when I was in college.

To fit into a certain gang that one might find cool, or impress the crowd and feel good about the comments, so and so. Everyone does that these days, so I guess no one should feel bad about it. It’s something we can change!! Let’s look good so that we feel proud of ourselves. You’ll naturally look the best, once you feel great inside.

So what to do next?
My suggestion would be dress comfortably, don’t wear extreme tight clothes or clothes that will make you feel concerned. Always get into the stuff, which makes you feel that you can do anything with them while wearing it. You don’t have to show your physique to impress people, let the air be there. Trust me, the more comfortable you get in your clothes, the more you can portray your right attitude and style.

I find modesty very important in Fashion, so dressing up accordingly would be the best attire for one. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin, healthy, white or colored, all that matters is YOU as a person should never feel insecure when it comes to clothes. It’s all about your personality. So what if you’re a super good-looking person with an amazing sense of style but with a bad character! Will people befriend? Will the crowd accept?

So fashion is a mix of everything. What I’m trying to say is it’s not just about clothes; it’s about you and how you carry yourself in what you wear.

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